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Episode: The value of creativity

Technology has altered the way creative workers are compensated. In these clips, you’ll learn how the fields of art and music have changed, and why that might matter to you.

Episode 3: The value of creativity

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HOST: Out of 2 million arts graduates, 10% make their primary earnings as working artists.  The median income for craft and fine artists is $44 thousand.  Ryder, did you go to art school?

RYDER: Yeah.

HOST: Is it necessary to go to art school for young people who have this desire to move to New York and make their way as an artist?

RYDER: Absolutely not.

HOST: Absolutely not?

RYDER: No, I don't think that the skills required to be a creative individual, whether you're trying to sell music, or whether you're trying to sell your art, or whether you're trying to get a name for yourself as a designer are skills that you could learn from reading media theory or reading art theory or anything like that.  Of course having an understanding of art history will help you make better art, but that’s not going to help you sell art.  What's going to help you sell art is understanding psychology and understanding sociology and really talking to people and figuring out what their desires are and branding.

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