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Teaching my middle schooler to manage money
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Which is something to consider when establishing money rules for your teenager?


All of the choices are important elements of establishing money rules for your teenager.

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Savings goals like the smartphones aren't important to discuss with your middle-schooler.


Electronics or other expenses you may not consider necessities are great ways to teach middle-schoolers how to think about what they really want to save for.

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Key Takeaways

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Whether your children receive an allowance or not, learn how you can teach middle schoolers to save, spend, and manage their money responsibly.

  • Start small, but increase allowance once your children shows they can manage the funds well
  • Develop guidelines for your children’s allowance, and determine whether to reward them for good grades, chores and odd jobs
  • When helping teenagers build a budget, use your own budget as a point of reference. It may seem more complicated, but the basics are the same.
  • Work with your teenagers to identify the differences between their “needs” and “wants” so they can make smart spending decisions
  • When you’re helping your teenager build a savings plan, start with a manageable, short-term goal. The more distant the goal, the harder it is to visualize
  • Help your child save for multiple goals at a time, from laptops to clothes to college expenses
  • Make sure that your child knows how important it is to protect personal information, by never over-sharing on social media, by keeping their Social Security number private, and by maintaining strong passwords on sensitive accounts