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How taxes affect my paycheck
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Which of the following is not a voluntary paycheck deduction?


By law, Social Security is always taken from everyone’s paycheck.

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True or false: Your deductions will always stay the same after your salary changes.


A change in income is just one thing that can change how much tax you pay.

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Key Takeaways

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There's what you earn—and then there's what you take home. With a little planning and insight, you could get a better idea of what to expect on payday.

  • Make the most of retirement plans and other pre-tax deductions from your paycheck
  • Make sure you read your paycheck details, especially after an income change
  • Keep up to date on your current tax bracket at
  • Get a good understanding of the forms you need to fill out when you start a new job
  • Find out your state’s income tax brackets and use those to calculate how much of your paycheck you’ll actually take home