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Saving & Budgeting
Money management
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Which of the following are ways to cut down on everyday expenses?


These are all simple steps that could help you save a little money.

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What does the average family spend every year on energy bills?


The average family spends $1,900 on their energy costs.

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Key Takeaways

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By knowing how to make a budget and reduce expenses, you could be on your way to spending smarter and saving more.

  • Depending on where they live, most Americans spend nearly 30% of their income on rent—from $1,200 in Tampa to $4,000 in San Francisco
  • States like Mississippi boast the lowest cost per child for full-time infant daycare, whereas Massachusetts comes in the highest at over $1,300 monthly
  • You can get a sense of how expensive a new city or town is by doing research online or  just talking with residents
  • Build your budget based on what you take home—not what you make
  • Try to be honest with yourself about what you need, and what you only want
  • Look for easy ways to save on things you need, like using coupons and looking for sales
  • To stay financially fit, keep enough set aside for taxes, review your insurance, check your credit report, and keep assessing investments against goals
  • Do the math on any offer that seems too good to be true. Some could cost you much more over time
  • When considering a new city or town, make sure you know whether the cost of living will be higher, lower or about the same