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Saving & Budgeting
Making & sticking to a budget
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True or false? The "envelope method" involves filling different envelopes with enough cash to cover the different monthly expenses you may have.


While it might sound old-fashioned, putting a set amount of cash in envelopes each month for different bills can help set limits on what you spend.

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If you find yourself making impulse buys, try:


Try waiting 48 hours before you buy something. You may find that after 2 days, a lot of things may not seem as necessary.

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Key Takeaways

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  • For many, working toward a goal can help determine a budget plan that makes sense for their needs
  • Prioritizing your wants vs. your needs is a good way to cut back on unnecessary spending
  • Check in on your progress monthly to find patterns in your spending and see where you might be able to streamline
  • Build an emergency fund by setting up monthly automated payments to yourself
  • Keep track of spending with little effort by using your monthly statements or online tools that track and categorize your expenses for you
  • If you’re having trouble getting your budget going, remember that you can make it as simple as it needs to be for you
  • Remember that budgets require consistency, and little purchases add up