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Saving for a big-ticket item
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Which of the following are ways to cut down on every day expenses?


These are all simple steps that could help you save a little money.

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If you want to take a trip in 12 weeks, and it will cost you $900, how much do you need to save from each weekly paycheck?


By saving $75 each week, you’ll have the money you need to take that trip in 12 weeks.

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Key Takeaways

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If you take your time, plan well and save up your money, you can have…well, almost anything you want. Just remember a few things as you start saving.

  • Start planning and saving as soon as you can
  • Plan out what you need to save every paycheck
  • Look for ways to save on everyday expenses
  • See if you can find places to reduce your expenses so you can save even more
  • Start with long-term goals, like retirement, then move onto the short-term things, like a car purchase or a home remodel