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How achievements work

As you work your way through the site, you can earn points that will help you track your progress and count toward achievement badges. The points are just for use on the Better Money Habits site and aren't related to any bank or credit card account. How many points can you earn? It depends on what you do.

Earning points

  • 100 points for watching a video, reading an infographic, or engaging with a worksheet
  • 50 points for each right answer on Key Takeaways quizzes
  • 10 points for sharing on social networks, rating our content, or leaving feedback
  • Bonus points: We've hidden some extra points around the site, too — be sure to sign in to take advantage
  • Videos on the About Better Money Habits and VICE News: Business of Life pages are not eligible for site points
  • You'll see some of the things on our site in more than one section, and you only get points the first time you complete them

Tracking points and badges

Your points total can be found at the top of the page. Also, keep an eye on the points ribbon for your recent activity. Visit your dashboard to see all the details about your achievements.

Earning Badges

  • Points add up to your overall site rank and help you earn badges.
  • There are three types of badges:
    • Status Badges

      As your overall points total passes different levels, watch your status badges add up.

    • Goal Badges

      Learn all about achieving specific goals, and collect these beauties. To earn your badge, be sure to finish all the content in a goal, including the Key Takeaways.

    • Topic Badges

      As you learn all about specific subjects, you'll earn Topic Badges.