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How credit affects your mortgage rates
Steps to protecting your credit
Importance of credit reports
How does bankruptcy affect my credit score
How do I rebuild my credit score
Credit scores and marriage
How to avoid hurting my credit
Avoiding credit scams
Does marriage impact my credit score
How is a "minimum payment" calculated

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Better Money Habits

Better Money Habits: Understanding Credit

Sal Khan and a leading panel of credit experts discuss how credit works and provide tips and answers to building, strengthening and understanding your credit score. This discussion was recorded live via Google Hangouts on November 4th, 2013 and has been conveniently broken up into the four chapters below.


Salman Khan
Founder & Executive Director, Khan Academy

Ian Cohen

Rob Habgood
Consumer & Business Lending Group, Bank of America

Farnoosh Torabi
Personal Finance Expert, Author & TV Personality

Branden Recker
Financial Counselor, GreenPath Debt Solutions